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cart21 Posté à 12h58 le 22 Aug 2020
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OK ... c'est parti !!!

dragons2rg Posté à 16h41 le 28 Aug 2020
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DCS World

  • Shader compilation error on big display resolution - fixed
  • Added some single missions for Syria map: A-10C, Mi-8, Su-27
  • ME. Added a new country Lebano
  • ME. Combined Joint Task Forces Red, Combined Joint Task Forces Blue, United Nations Peacekeepers - added as new countries

DCS F-18C Hornet by ED

  • Added new rendering for EXP 1/2/3 mode
  • WWII models that have no AG radar signature - Fixed
  • Modern ground vehicles models that have no AG radar signature - Fixed
  • Static objects AG radar signature issues - Fixed
  • All static buildings have no AG radar signature - Fixed
  • A/G radar - DBS: FRZ picture disappear if you will move outside scan area - Fixed

DCS Syria map by Ugra Media

  • Fixed:
    • known bugs in airfields taxiing
    • known bugs in airfields parking
    • known bugs in airfields lighting
    • bugs in collisions and lighting in stadiums
    • bug when forest rendering range setting now works improperly
  • Improved:
    • airfields lighting at parkings
    • "collision shells" of objects, including helipads in hospitals
    • lighting of city blocks and unique objects
    • scenes around unique objects
    • surface textures, fixed joints and artifacts around roads
    • scenes of airfields in the takeoff and landing courses
    • "collision shells" of trees
    • map wallpaper


Je vous donnerai le GO après les retours.


dragons2rg Posté à 09h21 le 29 Aug 2020
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Pas de retour négatif, bcp de fix 


OK pour la mise à jour


dragons2rg Posté à 09h35 le 24 Sep 2020
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DCS Open Beta

DCS World

  • AIM-120 missile. The probability of countermeasure spoofing returned to the old value.
  • Replay system. User tracks in some condition replay with very low FPS - fixed.
  • Infantry not engaging each other - fixed.
  • AI aircraft using high drag MK 82 Snakeye not below 1000ft - fixed.
  • Crash to desktop on wingman actions - fixed.
  • Ground AI vehicles no longer move on their own to use weapons - fixed.
  • Piston engine fire effect is fixed.
  • Enabled all aircraft types to rearm from friendly FARP objects.
  • Decreased range opens fire Soldier with M1 Garand from 1200 to 500 meters.
  • F-14 AI will operate on the ground parkings with folded wings.
  • Web RTC. Updated GUI.
  • AI Ju-88 and A-20 ignore reaction to threat settings - fixed.
  • ME. Metric and imperial sometimes displayed incorrectly - fixed.
  • Third Reich pilot model. Remove Swastika from Iron Cross.
  • Increased g-tolerance of pilot.
  • Effects. The Speed smoke and fire was improved.
  • Sound. Added a more robust workaround for broken drivers.
  • Mouse input. Added ability to assign commands to extra mouse buttons.
  • Modern SAMs (S-300, Patriot, Tor, SM etc.) have to engage aircraft weapons like ARM, tactical and cruise missiles. Restored ability.
  • Starting WP for ships has a speed of 0 kmh by default.
  • Western RWR:
    • Added symbol for new Kuznetsov (2017) - SW
    • Changed indications of SAM search RADARs

DCS F-18 Hornet by ED

  • Added AGR Mode.
  • Added FTT Mode (Without tracking moving target. Moving target - w.i.p).
  • Added Mark Point option.
  • Incorrect HOTAS Command for Castle Switch aft - fixed.
  • ZTOD on UFC Error - fixed.
  • Radio volume ISSUE - fixed.
  • Broken fuel transfer from external tanks - fixed.
  • SA page SAM threat rings draw order - fixed.
  • Master mode buttons A/A and A/G are pressed at mission start - fixed.
  • MK-82 Auto mode dropping long - fixed.
  • Threat circles on SA page only show if threat Icon is visible - fixed.
  • AGM-65 IR Display and SLAM display very dark - fixed.
  • Hot start should have INS selector knob in IFA - fixed.
  • EXP render issues - fixed.
  • HUD Sidewinder count does not update until zero missiles remaining - fixed.
  • Firing AIM-7F causes switch to other AIM-7 type - fixed.
  • AIM-9 HUD Count does not change until all missiles expended - fixed.
  • SELECTIVE JETTISON in STORES mode not working correctly for some stores. - fixed.
  • AIM-9 seeker and TD lock onto different targets - fixed.
  • Strange behavior when switching between A/G radar EXP modes and A/A radar - fixed.
  • With stick hidden NWS/Undesignate click spot remains and creates problems for some users - fixed.
  • AG radar EXP2-3 beam jump on first pass - fixed.
  • AG radar heading figures overlap on switch from Map to EXP1-2-3 - fixed.
  • Check UFC and radio button pushes change AM / FM status - fixed.
  • Unlimited weapons - does not respect salvo / ripple after replenishment - fixed.
  • AGM-65 A/G RDY not indicated on HUD in certain condition - fixed.
  • GACQ and VACQ Scan patterns broken - fixed.
  • COMM was turned off, new channel applied right after COMM powered up - fixed.
  • Radio volume does not turn off radio when at minimum - fixed.
  • AGM-88C disappear after launch - fixed.
  • Radar elevation coverage is incorrect - fixed.
  • TWS antenna slew messing with RWS - fixed.
  • Refueling Floodlight isn’t bright enough - fixed.
  • TGT steering is not selected after HUD, FLIR or A/G radar cursor designation - fixed.
  • HSI/SA page A/G designation diamond missing for FLIR and HUD designations - fixed.
  • Added Winwing HOTAS Hornet Files.
  • Incorrect coordinates format in Litening output in current build (decimal, but need to be precise classic one) - fixed.
  • INS Alignment: Moving aircraft should require manual waypoint 0 update - fixed.
  • Helmet mounted device change:
    • Added option in the ME aircraft property tab.
    • Added ground crew comm.
  • Added HMD EW Symbols.
  • AIM-9L & AIM9-M losing lock with control input - fixed.
  • IFA Alignment has strange effect on velocity vector and CCIP CCRP fall lines - fixed.

Known issues:

  • AIM-9L & AIM-9M Tone loss.
  • AIM-9X 'jittering' with radar lock.

DCS Supercarrier by ED

  • Added CVN-75.
  • Arleigh Burke. Added liveries.

Comme d'habitude on attend le GO sur le forum avant la mise à jour svp


dragons2rg Posté à 10h49 le 25 Sep 2020
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OK pour la mise à jour.

Pas de bug sur le 18 ou DCS. 

Bcp de "fixe" :)



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